Thank you for your interest in The Birkman Method®. The packages below contain options for purchase that all include the Birkman Method Questionnaire, various report sets and analysis with coaching. If you would like more clarity and insight from Clear Course Consulting, please book your session today



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Birkman Basics

The Birkman Basics includes the Birkman Method Questionnaire, a 30 minute phone consultation and a basic report set. This report set does contain the Birkman signature Lifestyle Grid which provides a snapshot of your interests, behaviors, needs and potential stressors so you can begin to see how you tick and understand the relational differences that may exist between you and others. Personal interests are revealed and related job families and titles will be included. This report set will be emailed to you to keep forever and is an excellent way to get acquainted with The Birkman Method and personal coaching. It may be upgraded at anytime.


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Student Career Management Plus

Don’t wait to be clear about what next steps to take! For less than the cost of a single college credit hour, you will save thousands of dollars by being clear on what direction to follow semester after semester. Environmental needs and one’s truest interests with regard to career will be uncovered and explored in this clarity gaining session. In your Job Families and Job Titles report there are direct links to the O-NET and websites which are proud partners of the American Job Center Network. The Student Career Management Plus package that includes the Birkman Method Questionnaire, multiple report sets and a two-hour coaching session is perfect for students and anyone wanting to confidently discover and follow a path they can be passionate about.


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Be Clear Consulting Package

Receive a 68 page booklet of YOU. The Be Clear Consulting Package includes taking the Birkman Method Questionnaire, the Basics, plus a custom-made (massive) set of Birkman reports and a 90 minute consultation that will break down 11 signature components of your unique personality. Each and every component reveals three aspects of you and your personal drives. At the end of our talk you will have a permission slip to live your best life! You will undeniably know what your needs are and have an unshakable desire to meet your needs. Expect to have many  “Ah-ha”  moments during this 90 minute consultation where the time will fly by.


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Premium Consulting Package

The Premium Consulting Package includes taking the Birkman Method Questionnaire, the Be Clear and a follow-up 90 minute coaching session. The invaluable second session will further explore the common themes found in your personal reports so it can best serve you for years to come. We will check-in with the most important aspects of what was revealed in the first session and explore the most feasible strategies to get the most out of your life, interactions with groups and individuals, both personally and professionally. In this discussion you will get the maximum self-knowledge and actionable guidance out of this amazing personal assessment tool.

  • Birkman Story

    Birkman Story

    Our Beginnings Roger W. Birkman, Ph.D. (1919-2014) became interested in individual differences between people while serving as a pilot and pilot instructor for the U.S. Air Force in the 1940s. His experience with the impact that misperceptions, both visual and interpersonal, had on pilot performance and student learning led him to the study of psychology. From…

  • The Birkman Method

    The success we achieve can largely depend on how well we understand ourselves and those with whom we interact. Much of our time is spent working with others to accomplish objectives. People skills are one of the most critical we can develop. The Birkman Method® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to help you achieve…

  • Birkman Areas of Interest

    Persuasive – Persuasive interactions with others. Motivating others to accept ideas, actions or opinions through means of persuasion, reasoning or argument. Social Service – Organized assistance and services to support and advance social conditions of the individual and community through social programs, agencies and organized religious involvement. Scientific – Involvement in professions or avocations that…

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