Below are just a few testimonials from previous clients:


Holly has an easy and approachable style that was a pleasure to work with! I appreciated her flexibility in doing long-distance consultations with me by phone. She is a deep listener and proved herself to be very insightful at times. Birkman language can be unclear in some ways but she was able to find easily relatable terms that offered further explanation and opportunities to go more in-depth with the discussion around my profile. I did gain clarity around my behavior, natural strengths and stress triggers. In the end our consultations allowed me to look at things in a fresh new way and it was helpful to me in navigating through a career transition.

-M. Green from Boston, MA


“Especially as a college student with many career questions on my mind, it was wonderful to talk to someone who could subjectively look at my data and compare my core characteristics with my interests and offer guidance. The Birkman is remarkable and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to take it. I definitely plan to stay in contact with my coach, Holly, as I move forward and will continue to reference my coaching report often!”

-Alexandra, 18 years old, Savannah, GA


“…I was feeling stuck and becoming de-motivated as well as losing self-confidence. Holly’s ability to communicate my Birkman results and talk with me in a voice I could understand, helped me to realize that I do have value! It was only a short time after my initial consult with Holly that I was back to networking and consequently, 30 days later, I landed a perfect-fit career opportunity and resolved some relationship issue too!”

S.H., 49 years old, Sacremento, CA

If you haven’t yet reached out to Holly about getting the right coaching I suggest that you do NOW! Not only that she will motivate you in a major way to move forward, but she will also provide some very insightful info on where you stand in your life, career and personal growth. Personal coaching is about becoming all you are meant to be, about living a life of passion, purpose, and impact those around you positively.

Holly creates the space and provides the tools that will impact your life enormously. Who we are becoming today is due in no small way to Holly’s support, encouragement, and commitment. I would like to believe that 97% of employees end up working for the 3% who didn’t give up, be the 3% today by joining Holly’s programs!

-John El Hanafi, PA


Honestly when my mom bought me this Birkman, I thought it was going to be like a horoscope. Now I’m shocked at how this thing new me! It was great to be seen and figure out what I want and who I really am. It confirmed things I already knew and I have been able to share it with my parents in an easy way. I’m excited about college now!

-E.P. from Santa Fe, NM